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Nourished Personal Case Study — Collagen RSS

Case Study 19: Male, 31 - Sports Nutrition, Bone & Joint, Skin Antiaging

Scenario Description: I do intermittent fasting from time to time, usually it'll be a 4-8 weeks per cycle. I'll take protein shake with Ensure milk formula when I don't consume enough quality food for that day, ie. fast food, hawker stalls - char kuey teow, etc.Until over a month ago, I've been consuming collagen for complexion and joint pain prevention and BCAA daily for recovery. I took glucosamine briefly as well. I'm also taking Grenade Thermo Detonator as primarily as pre-workout and focus and secondarily as weight management.

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Case Study 14: Female, 40 - Skin Complexion, Weight Management, Skin Antiaging

Scenario Description: Currently I am using from Nourished glutathione, grapeseed extract (for skin whitening, which work for me), pearl and collagen. My objective would be for a beauty boost and I'm seeing some positive difference. I also seem to unfortunately be gaining weight after turning 40 so if there's anything that can help me to manage my weight and improve my metabolism, it'd be absolutely fantastic. 

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