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Case Study 14: Female, 40 - Skin Complexion, Weight Management, Skin Antiaging

Scenario Description: Currently I am using from Nourished glutathione, grapeseed extract (for skin whitening, which work for me), pearl and collagen. My objective would be for a beauty boost and I'm seeing some positive difference. I also seem to unfortunately be gaining weight after turning 40 so if there's anything that can help me to manage my weight and improve my metabolism, it'd be absolutely fantastic. 

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Case Study 12: Female, 48 - Heart, Digestive, Cognitive, Joint, Wellbeing

Scenario Description: I have hypothyroidism. Recent blood test, a week ago, showed that my cholesterol was high and the good cholesterol was almost non existent. I am also anaemic. I have undergone gastric sleeve surgery 7 years ago to help maintain my weight because of my sluggish metabolism. I try to exercise or do some form of exercise a few times a week but recent muscle strain problems have been a bit of a problem continuing. I take Vit D3 5000IU every alternate day, I take BMR which is a thyroid support supplement 2 tablets twice a day, DHEA in the morning 2 capsules, I take HGH supplement twice a day (sachets mixed in water), I have just started fish...

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