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Dropship with Nourished

Program Purpose
To create a cash reward system for individuals who appreciate Nourished's brand concept of sharing only 100% Honest, Pure product without traditional marketing with huge mark up.

Read more on Nourished's Brand Story and why Nourished is a Better Nutrient here:

Also, we keep it simple.
Nourished Dropshipping Program offers a retail fulfillment where you facilitate sales on behalf of Nourished, without keeping goods in stock. Once an item sells, you then collect the profit, place an order on for the company to ship the item directly to your customer.


Nourished Ala Carte

1. Once an order is secured, Agent is required to log in to your agent account and place the order from Nourished official website at with Client’s delivery & shipping information (it is as if Agent is purchasing on behalf of Client).
2. Once the order is received by Nourished, Nourished will prepare and arrange the shipment to reach the Client.
3. Agent will be awarded with RM10 cash on every Ala Carte unit upon order completion during the end of the month billing.


Nourished Personal

1. Upon successful creation of Agent account following successful registration, agent will be assigned to unique Agent ID. Use your Agent ID [example: AA0101-1/1] during checkout to get an upfront deduction of RM50 on every Nourished Personal order, while additional RM50 cash will be awarded upon order completion during the end of the month billing.
2. Upon order confirmation, an assessment link will be dropped the registered email.

If agents opt to handle the personalization & communication,
Place Nourished Personal order using the AGENT'S email address to access the assessment links and receive communication thereafter with Nourished Personnel regarding the plan updates & design.
With this option, Nourished will be communicating with AGENTS.
If agents opt to allow customer to handle the personalization for best tailored experience,
Place Nourished Personal order using the CLIENT'S email address for client to access the assessment links and receive communication thereafter with Nourished Personnel regarding the plan updates & design.
With this option, Nourished will be communicating with CLIENTS.

How does the reward work?

Nourished Asia offer two shopping options,
Nourished Ala Carte: Mix & Match your own at RM69 nett each ingredient storewide.
Nourished Personal: Professional Design Blend tailor to your needs.


Nourished dropshipping program runs on a cash & point incentive system.

Every Ala Carte product (per unit) sold under Nourished Ala Carte incentivized cash reward of RM10 (per unit).

Every Personal package (per 3-months plan) sold under Nourished Personal incentivized cash reward of RM50, while agent’s customer is, too able to get a discount of RM50 from the plan.

Every RM1 spent on is collectable as 1 point.
Every 500 points collected will be entitled with 1 free Nourished Ala Carte product (worth RM69 - which it can be resell to your customers for 100% profit at 0% cost)

Calculation Example:
Every Nourished products are sold at a discounted flat rate of RM69 nett
1 product unit sold = RM69 sales revenue
RM69 sales revenue will entitle you = Cash RM10 + 69 points

8 product unit sold = RM69 x 8 = RM552
RM552 sales revenue will entitle you = (Cash RM10 x 8) + 552 points
Every 500 points will be entitled a Free product (0% cost, 100% profit= RM69)
RM552 sales revenue will entitle you = (Cash RM10 x 8) + RM69 = RM149

Ways to earn more:
1. There will be an exclusive monthly list of star products or highlight of the month with bonus points and/or cash incentives
2. High achievers who are able to hit the monthly sales target will be awarded extra cash incentives + points
3. Consistent monthly high achievers will have the chance to be promoted to participate in our recruitment system where cash incentives and points are doubled/tripled.


What this program supports

1. Minimal Business Capital
This program helps individuals who share Nourished's brand and products to get an additional source of income. Building a career with Nourished promises you a good 5 figures monthly income without investing huge capital on warehouse/office rentals, investments in stock/inventory, and the many other monthly overhead. 

2. Easy To Get Started
Nourished work hard to get your agent account up within 3-5 working days upon complete application profile. From there, get sales commission with every order placed on and leave the warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment and the rest to us!

3. Exclusive Distributor Discount
The company will release exclusive monthly bonus or product highlight to provide ways for distributor to increase their earnings. 

4. Offer Great Business Support
- Massive choice of health ingredients cater for all functional needs. 
- Live chat customer or sale support service available on social media Facebook & Instagram
- Order tracking service is available for every order. 
- Delivers within 5 working days. Free shipping for orders above RM100 within Malaysia and RM300 for international orders.
- Service Regions: Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong.

How to be enrolled and participate in this program?

Registration Fee: RM149 (one-off)
Monthly Membership Fee: RM10/month (billed annually: RM120/annum)

You will be entitled to:
- Reseller and distributor rights of all Nourished Asia products
- Access to company plan and updates
- Access to monthly bonus point and/or incentive plan newsletter
- Full program manual

Step 1: Reach out to our business support in the form below, or email and we will respond to your interest with account opening application forms.
Step 2: Complete the application forms and return to us via email. Upon receiving and reviewing full application, your account will be live within 2-3 working days.
Step 3: You can start doing business with Nourished!