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Eczema: How to Live with It?

Living with eczema can be challenging. While there is no cure to eczema, we can effectively manage the condition. Here in this article, we review how bird nest, probiotics, and fish oil help to keep eczema in check as the sufferers live with it.

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Aloe Vera: An Ancient Herb for Modern Uses

Aloe vera is a common plant that can be found in your neighbourhood. In this article we discuss about the two uses of aloe vera, elaborating on its properties, clinical uses on skin healing and antidiabetic functions, and their mechanism of actions.

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Anti-Ageing Skin Supplements

Being labelled as the biggest organ of the body, have we ever wondered how can we take care of our skin? In this article, we evaluate skin supplements created to combat the ageing of skin with a focus on pearl, sakura and aloe vera extracts.

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Nourished Personal Case Study

Case Study 32: Female, 27 - Lactose Intolerant, Skin Brightening & Antiaging, Detox, Menstrual Cycle Regulation

Scenario Description:I’ve always neglected the way I looked so I’ve finally decided to give myself some TLC both inside and outside.For the outside, I’m looking for supplements that’ll help in maintaining healthy skin and hair. My skin currently shows mild signs of wrinkles and it seems a little dry. For my body, I do not look fat but I’ve got fats around my tummy, arms and back. So I’d like something that’ll help me lose these fats naturally and also something that’ll give my body some shape as I’ve got no shape at all, both butt and breast.For the inside, I’d like supplements that’ll help in promoting regular bowel movement as I may be constipated and I rely on detox drinks in order to pass motion due to my irregular bowel movement. Also, something that’ll help regulate my menstrual cycle as well as general women well being.

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Case Study 31: Female, 25 - Oral Conceptive Pill, Body Shaping, Weight Loss, Constipation

Scenario Description:I'm constipated even though I drink at least 2L of water everyday without fail. I do consume greens everyday and exercise over 4 times per week.

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Case Study 30: Male, 33 - Smoker, Gout, Men Wellbeing, Weight Loss, Skin & Antioxidants

Screening & Designing Dietary Restriction / Allergies: NAOther Medical Comorbidities: Gout, Smoker.Medication / Supplements Taking Concurrently: NA.

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